Pectoral exercises free body: what to do

Being able to show sculpted bibs is the hidden desire of many men, but achieving this goal requires a really important training and diet process, as well as integrated with a healthy lifestyle. In addition to the normal exercises with weights and gym tools, what are the most suitable free body techniques?

As already mentioned, there is not only a method for developing the pectoral muscles, but a plan that adequately treats both exercise and diet must be followed. Last but not least, injection winstrol will also be very important for fat burning. Consequently, if you are a beginner in the gym, it is always better to start with the help of a doctor and a specialized trainer.

Before starting with training, it is good to pay attention to a generic look on the pectoral muscles. Although the bands involved are multiple and each with different functions, for display simplicity they can be grouped into two large groups: that of the large and the small breastplate. Here are the main features and functions:

  • Pectoralis major: this is the fan-shaped extrinsic muscle that occupies the upper chest area. The two upper heads, the clavicular and the sternocostal, are combined with as many lower bundles, the latter called abdominal and inferno-sternal. It is a fundamental muscle to guarantee the correct movement of the arm and, last but not least, it is also an accessory respiratory muscle;
  • Small breastplate: it is placed deeper than the muscle listed above and, thanks to three tendons, connects the scapula to some ribs: the third, fourth and fifth. It facilitates some movements of the shoulder blade and shoulder and helps to raise the ribs during breathing.

The most correct training will obviously have to take into account both groups of muscles and, not least, we must keep in mind how other structures will be involved during the exercise, such as the diaphragm.


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We have already seen in a previous intervention which is the most suitable chest training, to be carried out with gym tools, barbells, and weights. At this juncture, however, we will deal with bodyweight exercises. It is worth remembering how this work should be combined with a balanced diet, then to aerobic activities at least three times a week, so as to stimulate the dissolution of excess fats. Furthermore, in case of doubt or if you are a beginner, the consultation of the doctor and the trainer are essential. The proposals that will be illustrated are generic and concern the most common workout, but it goes without saying how each person must respond to specific needs, as well as how past health affects both the intensity of the effort and the final results.

The quickest way to develop the bibs without tools is to resort to bending on the arms: depending on the position of the hands with respect to the torso, you will work on different groups of bibs. Here are three handy variations:

  • Push-ups with knees resting: especially useful for beginners, you can kneel and position your hands on the floor, so that the weight of the body is on the arms and the elbows are slightly spaced from the torso. Back straight, flexion is performed with only the knees resting, while the feet will be joined and raised off the ground. 10 repetitions are performed initially, and then increase as you gain experience;
  • Folds on the classic arms: similar to the previous one, the element of additional difficulty derives from the lack of support of the knees on the ground so that there is more work on the arms and on the large pectoral muscles. The precaution is not to keep the arms too far away from the torso, while the hands must be parallel to the same. With the back straight and resting only the foot of the lower limbs, 10 repetitions are performed, and then increase as soon as you become practical with the procedure;
  • Push-ups on the advanced arms: this activity is recommended only for expert sportsmen and, last but not least, it would be better to perform it in the company of a trainer or a person who can monitor the exercise. Flexion is performed as in the classic mode, but the feet rest on a slightly raised structure, such as a step bench or a not very high chair. This position involves important work for each bib group, but it can also lead to trauma and injury if not performed with the right skill. For this reason, the help of expert personnel remains essential.

There are many other free-body paths that can help the development of the chest and, not least, they must always be combined with the classic exercises of weights, bench, barbell and anything else. Developing a plan in the gym as varied as possible will make achieving the goal easier.

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